Women's Issues

In my 23 years as a therapist, it has been my privilege to work with many women at important transitional times in their life journeys. I have been amazed at the growth and courage that these women accomplished in therapy. They faced their challenges and grieved their losses to become stronger,more confident people, partners, mothers and friends.

I have successfully worked with women who struggled with:

• Painful Life Transitions- separation, divorce, affairs, and death of loved ones
• Healing from Past Abuse- sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, spiritual, or overt/covert narcissistic type
• Toxic Abusive Work Environments
• Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks
• Codependency- learning to say no and boundary setting
• Low Self Esteem and Poor Body Image
• Dysfunctional Thought Patterns and Beliefs

Here is what one of my women clients said about working with

"I have self-esteem and have learned to take care of myself and love myself. I have learned how to stand up for myself. I found parts of myself that I thought were lost forever.  I'm not anxious all the time any more.  Laura helped me grow into the woman I always knew I could be." FM 20's West Covina

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ANNOUNCING: -NEW WOMEN'S SUPPORT GROUP-for those women who struggle saying no, setting boundaries, and speaking up for themselves. You are not alone.  Come and find out that many women struggle with setting limits with others. Come and find your voice.   Contact: Laura LaPointe, LMFT, with questions or to sign up for the group at (626) 466-7616 or [email protected]

Please Note: While it is true that I have had a lot of success with with women dealing with abuse and life transitions, every client is a unique individual.  And since the relationship between therapist and client depends on many factors, training of the therapist, experience of the therapist with all the symptoms the client presents, and other issues of therapist/client fit, I cannot guarantee the same results that others have had.  Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have at (626) 415-7036.  Thank you.  

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