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Sometimes life seems like you're out at sea in a boat and have lost your way momentarily. Emotional uncertainties and feelings of inadequacy contribute to lowering your self-esteem and emotional strength. This is making daily life really difficult for you. Especially when your loved ones or friends are not equipped to help you handle such situations. In these instances, professional intervention becomes necessary to help you find your way back to stability and stay on course with your goals in life.

Many people are a bit afraid about starting Individual Therapy. You may be thinking, "Yes, I am feeling overwhelmed, like a boat at sea. I'm depressed or full of anxiety, anger or guilt and I am struggling in my relationships or at work. But how can coming to a therapist and talking help me?" Those are good questions and I'll try to briefly give you my answers.

1. Many people find that their depression, anxiety and other painful emotions greatly decrease when they talk with someone who is trained to listen in a non-judgmental, objective way. In therapy, you can talk about your feelings and thoughts honestly without the fear of hurting or angering a friend or a loved one. You are safe to share things freely that may hurt, confuse, or anger you.

2. In therapy you can gain insight into yourself and others in a confidential setting. This will enable you to think deeply and gain a fuller, more objective perspective on the difficult situations you may be experiencing. You can feel free to cry or grieve or get really angry.

3. Part of good therapy is becoming educated about things like mental health disorders, communication pitfalls, intimacy issues, and how to maintain hope for yourself in an uncertain world. I teach communication skills, cognitive techniques to decrease depression and anxiety, how to set boundaries, anger management, relaxation, imagery and other good coping skills that will truly benefit your life.

I commonly work with clients suffering from:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Grief
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Families with Special Needs Children, including the Autism Spectrum

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Let's work together to help you work through your depression, anxiety, trauma or grief. To schedule an appointment with me at my office in Glendora, CA, you may send me an email or give me a call at 626-466-7616. To send an email- click the email link above.

It's time to start the new journey into the rest of your life.

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